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Don’t put your computer at risk of running slowly and potentially crashing because of outdated drivers. DriverHound is the state-of-the-art driver downloader that ensures your computer has the latest drivers available for your computer and its devices automatically. Download DriverHound now to see if your computer is missing critical updates.

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  • Detect & Download Drivers
    DriverHound will automatically scan your computer to identify missing drivers that may be impacting your computer performance.
  • Backup, Restore, & Transfer Drivers
    Use DriverHound to safely and efficiently backup, restore, and transfer drivers from one computer to another !
  • Increase Health & Stability
    Maintain your computers health using DriverHound's automatic scheduled driver scans and system maintenance.
  • Eliminate Errors & Hardware Issues
    Staying current with up-to-date drivers ensures that you computer and its devices are functioning properly.
  • Bonus Material
    Password protect files, backup & export data, and free up resources by reducing file sizes up to 97% - Free w/ DriverHound!
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
    Xionix offers a 30-Day money back satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase of DriverHound.

A Breakthrough in Driver Updating Technology !
DriverHound is the only driver updater program that automates driver updates. Using DriverHound you can establish preferences to your liking and the program will download, install, and update your drivers automatically.

A computer system is made up of different devices (printer, speakers, mouse, hard drive, monitor, etc.) that are all connected to the central processing unit (CPU). Each of these devices is an entity unto itself that relies on communicating with the CPU to ensure they are following the commands they receive. The driver is the communication mechanism/software that relays the message back and forth between the CPU and the device. If the drivers are outdated they can relay incorrect information to the CPU, which can result in a computer crash.

Miscommunication between the CPU and the devices could also rendered the devices useless. Many people have thought because their printer, speakers, mouse, monitor, etc. were not working properly they were damaged and ended up purchasing a new device. In reality, many devices related computer problems can be solved by ensuring the correct driver is being used with it.

If a driver becomes too aged it has a very good chance of being out of date and not “supported” by the manufacture. Having the most recent drivers keeps your computer system running smoothly and gives you the latest and greatest features and functionality of the devices you already have (including software).

Bonus ProductFREE BONUS - When you register your copy of DriverHound you will also receive a complimentary issue of the Xippit File Compression Utility. Xippit uses our proprietary .xip format to safely secure, password-protect, and reduce the size of any file or folder.

Driver ScanDriver Scan - The comprehensive Driver Scan searches 15 device categories on your computer to ensure that all drivers are detected. Using DriverHound you computer will stay current with Video Controllers, Network Adapters, Pointing Devices, Printers, Infrared Devices, SCSI Devices, Driver Devices, Sound Devices, Keyboard Drivers, Displays, USB Devices, Firewire Devices, PnP Devices, System Devices and ActiveX.

Driver UpdatesAuto-Shechuled Scans - After establishing a desired setting and frequency, auto-scheduled scans allow you to automate future driver scans. Scheduling scans is the best way to ensure your computer is current with the most recent drivers. Use the scheduling feature within DriverHound to establish your frequency.

Driver ManagementDriver Management - DriverHound is easy to use for beginners, but also gives advanced users complete control over the drivers installed on your computer. Using the Driver Management feature you are able to ignore drivers or remove them completely.

Driver BackupBackup / Restore Drivers - The backup and restore feature gives you the flexibility of performing an internal backup, exporting drivers to an external device, or compressing them in our proprietary .dhb format. Using the restore feature, you are able to import drivers on your computer from a backup point.

Windows Driver UpdaterWindows Migration - Upgrading your Windows Operating System has never been easier! DriverHound allows you to seamlessly transfer drivers from one operating system to another.

Driver SettingsCustom Settings - Using the Settings feature, you can override the default settings of DriverHound to personalize your experience.

Driver ReportDiagnostic Report - If you encounter a problem when running DriverHound you can submit a diagnostic report to our technicians.

Driver UpdatesLive Program Updates - DriverHound uses plug-in framework, which provides you with the most up to date features and version releases. During your subscription, you will receive 100% FREE UPDATES !

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My subscription for Driver Detective just expired and I thought that I would do some research on which driver updater to use moving forward. After doing some research I decided to purchase DriverHound and I haven't looked back. DriverHound is easy to use and has been great at keeping my drivers current. I wish the scan/download was a little faster...but what the heck.

DriverHound is the best driver update program of the six I have purchased in my hopes to update drivers that Windows Updates does not. The other five driver update programs all had blind spots that left my confidence in them less and less. They found the drivers but they could not update about half of them--leaving it to me to figure how to fix half of my drivers--which left me with less and less confidence in their use. But DriverHound changed all that by simply 1 finding my 18 drivers needing updating 2 backing those up 3 downloading them automatically 4 installing all of them with no excuses My confidence went immediately to 100 percent and then realizing I live in an imperfect world--I immediately dialed it back to 90 percent which is still fabulous. I highly recommend DriverHound to any windows user to get the absolute best performance from their PC computers with no fuss and no muss. Great program. Click and let it do all the work
- Jens Norgaard

I previously had Driver Detective. BIG MISTAKE!! It would not download the drivers. Purchased Driver Hound and within 45 min. 9 drivers were updated and my computer was running great. Thanks Driver Hound. - David Graves

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Compatibility: Windows 2000, 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
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Release Date: 3/18/13
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