Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find my license key?
Your 15-digit license key is displayed to you at the time of purchase, sent to you via email, and included on your receipt. If you have missplaced your license key, you can request it online using your email or receipt number.

How do I activate my software?
To activate your software copy, click on the register text-link. Enter your license key in the spaces provided, then click the Register button. For further assistance, please select the support page that pertains to the program you are trying to register.

Why is it asking me to purchase again?
If you have already purchased a copy of the software you are trying to use and it is asking you to purchase again, you must register your copy. To register, click the 'Register' link and enter your license key.

How can I upgrade my subscription?
Yes. Xionix offers discounts existing members that would like to add additional licenses. Contact our sales department for assistance in upgrading your account.

Who is Xionix, Inc?
If our name appeared on your statement, it is likely that you or someone in your household purchased one of our products online. If you do not recognize our products, please contact our billing department for further assistance.